Friday, April 12, 2013

recovering gardens/plants and chicken death

several weeks ago, i had to pull up several new veggie sprouts from two raised beds. a third raised bed, the one recently rearranged by a neighborhood child thinking it was a sandbox, is sprouting some things. although, i still do not know what exactly will sprout plants were being raised inside to transplant later to replace the ones pulled that died.
  this is the bed that was mostly left untampered with, though much of it did die...what is left is romaine, garlic, some cabbage, and one kale...i am saddened by the loss of the rest of it.
 this was the bed that was rearranged by the neighbor child who thought she was playing in a sandbox. she rearranged this one and the one attached to it directly. two beds share one wall. the other bed was played in as well, although i had not planted in it yet. although, now some things are sprouting in it as well. it has been a few days since i took this picture. when i checked the beds today, there are new appears i have orn coming up in between shoots of cabbage. these appear to me to be cabbage perhaps, maybe.
 this is what is sprouting in the other bed, where i had some things planted, but they were part of the ones that dies and were removed and dug up. i am not sure what this is...for all i know it could be a weed, but i hate to pull it 'til i find out more...
plants planted last year are showing off their hardiness.
pineapples from 3 years back, growing hardy.
two more pineapple plants that are about 2 years old. i had a third. it was knocked over by one of the dogs and totally detached from its root system. i am hoping it will recuperate and live.
 blueberry bush planted last year and starting to bloom this year. :)  yeah!
blueberry bush #2 planted last yar starting to bloom as well. there is a third in the woods behind this one a piece aways, but it is not blooming as well. although, it is still hanging on.
 potato sprouts!!
 more potato sprouts!
 extra vegetables and herbs started inside...acclimating to outside temperatures to transplant.

 ...and more plants started inside to transplant.

and one of my dogs got hold of a chick and a chick funeral had to take place. :(  
 there were three, but now there are two!

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