Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekday Encounters

Most importantly, next to the Lord, I got a pink pig!!

The pink pig is be-a-u-ti-mous. She has orange wings (not for Clemson) and green ears and a red butt!...Oh, and purple feet.  So cute!  I love her!
She is in the yard keeping the potty fish, the chicken, and the goat company!
So, so cute!
We went out of town to a family home for a few days. My spouse and children are forever teasing me about some of the absent-minded things I have done over recent leaving the milk jug in the pantry cupboard...or telling my child to unload the dishes from the washing machine.  I know what I mean in my mind, but it comes out incorrectly spoken. So, when I arrive to the house, I open the fridge to put in our food items and this is what I see:
And, suddenly...I think it is an inherited behavior and therefore, is not my fault.
We went to go window shopping and buy some items in a nearby town. We became concerned with one of the buildings we saw. The brick seemed to be bowed and buckling...
My older son tapped it. It turns out the buckling brick was nothing more than a faux covering. The building beneath this faux brick was a historic building. Why would someone ruin the facade of such with this junk?
While we were in this nearby town, I found the most amazing tomatos growing on the roadside. Of course, this means I need slips to take home to root. Afterall, the hail storm two months ago killed everything I had planted - EVERYTHING. We are I am going to try to keep one or two tomato plants growing inside this winter to have them fresh. So, this was perfect to gather slips from to take home to root and propogate. My children did not agree with me. Apparently, taking slips from a plant on the side of the road is slightly embarassing to my children.
 I thought it was a perfectly normal thing to do. :)

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