Thursday, September 20, 2012

to the Ruths and Orpahs...

I have so many things I would often like to post, but time prevails and life occurs and it never happens. Today my heart hurts, because my child aches at words spoken to him and over him. For things of harshness spoken to my child(ren), over my child(ren), about my child(ren)...I rebuke them in Jesus' name and only lay claim to the plans the Lord has laid out for them.

To the girls who will cross the paths of my sons...know this, I pray for you. I pray for those whom have came and went, those who linger, and those who may be yet to come. One of you is the chosen wife of each of my sons...thereby, making you by extension my daughter. I know I will never be your mother, but I will love you as my daughter, as you will love and cleave to my son.
I pray for your path. I pray your words and actions are guarded by the Spirit. I pray the hand of Jesus is upon your heart, words, and mind in all things...even if you do not know His graces in your life yet. I may never be your Naomi, and I should hope that plight would never befall my family...but I know some of you will be Ruths and some of you will be Orpahs.

And either way...know this...I promise to never say words to hurt you or bring you harm...because you may be my son's Ruth. I promise to never speak against you or your own, because you may be my son's Ruth. I promise to pray for you each day, because you may be my son's Ruth. I promise to honor your name in the Light of the Lord, because you may be my son's Ruth.

And, if you leave and are an Orpah...I will still pray for you, even after you are gone. I pray for you, because at one time the Lord saw fit to give you a place in my son's life and therefore, you will forever have merit in my life and be important...for you played a roll, no matter how big or little. For all the Orpahs I have not known...I pray for you, as the Lord and the Spirit know your names. I pray for you to have a good life, to be wise, and to be guided and girthed by the Spirit...I pray for you, because to someone else's may be the Ruth.

So, to the daughter I do not yet have...know that, though it is not known to you yet, you are prayed for and loved.

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