Saturday, June 2, 2012

updates on life...

I have finished my public school employment, finished up homebound instruction for one child, and finished out the after school instruction position. I am now working with the homeschool association only and on the consulting position. I have been busy adjuncting still on the side. The consulting position is challenging mentally and I like that. It travels with me and my younger son, making homeschooling still very doable.

We have traveled away from home for the last several days to check on the older child. This has proved more difficult than I imagined. I will stop on that discussion. He is moving through stages in life.

  While away, I promised my younger son we would stop by the local reservation to buy him some more blowdarts. We are planning to taking the thistle pods growing near the house to dry for the season and then try to use them to make our own blowdarts. We were able to purchase sinew this evening, this will add to this creation for him. :) 

While out of town, I discovered two metal chickens at a road side market sale. This was the one I loved. He wanted $225 for this thing...some people have stated this is tied and tight wallet strings make me feel slightly different.

We went to the grocery store to make some food purchases fot the next few days. My son calls this store Iggles, which phonetically rhymes with giggles. I laughed when he did this. He asked if he pronounced it wrong??? I tell him this is so. He states it is called Igles - with a long i sound.  Then he pronounces it sound likes Ingles...imagine pronouncing Anglais, like English in French but with a short i sound at the front of the word. I tell him it is Ingles...sounding much like Laura Ingalls' last name. He nods.

On the homefront, I am writing curriculum and consulting and homeschooling through the days. And, we are taking time to smell the flowers along the way. I had forgotten to do this for quite some time.

We also the Blue Man Group the other day. It was absolutely awesome. I think it was a great sensory fit for my sensory needy child. We were not allowed to take pictures. : (   But, the show itself was awesome.

We also visited the reservation's Indian village today for a short reprieve. This was one of the actors of the village:

And back to the topic of the blowdarts...which my son has gotten great practice with at home on his 3 ft dart gun... His aim with the 3 foot has surprisingly great accuracy. Today, at the village he was allowed to shoot blowdarts with one on the resident Cherokee there.

He had to use a 9 foot gun. He has never shot with one of these before. The first dart completely missed the target, but was very close. He hit the target just below it with the 9 ft. I commented he would not have hit the animal in the heart, but would definitely slow it down.

I continue to pray for my daughters...wherever the Lord has them guarded at tonight. I continue to pray for my sons...guarded, hedged, safe by the Blood.

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