Thursday, June 21, 2012

blackberry bush killers

My younger son and I went to the local library yesterday. We pick wild blackberries near the library.  Sad to say, the wild blackberry vines are destroyed. Sadder still, we have met other people who come to pick the blackberries here as well.

Looking at the destroyed vines brings to mind the elderly man I met last year who came that morning to pick fresh blackberries for his "bride" of many years for her to put on her oatmeal that morning. That conversation and short communication has stayed with me all year to appreciate the simple moments in life that seal a marriage commitment. 

My son and I have came by here almost every other day lately to gauge the growth and development of these little berries and to determine when some would finally be ready to pick. They were in full bloom and so pretty. Now, they are literally destroyed.

And yes, I do understand why they were destroyed cut away. The railway is replacing the ties and I think the rails. I understand they need to have clearance to work safely...

But, I do think at times, in an effort to get a job finished, beauty is destroyed. I know it was just a vine that was taking over the side here. I also know they could have been safely cut back and the beauty of them preserved.

Still, I am saddened. We lost a wonderful moment together to pick wild blackberries as a family. And, I think about the elderly man who comes to pick fresh wild blackberries for his bride and wonder if she will have any this year.

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  1. "the elderly man who comes to pick fresh wild blackberries for his bride"
    - Beautiful testimony of conjugal love. :)