Friday, March 2, 2012

What was learned today...

Sometimes, I think we will not be homeschooling that day, and then when the day is ending, I realize that the entire day was really a homeschool moment unfolding before me...

We started the day taking a walk for about a mile (to try and ease the pain in my back and neck before too much time of the day was underway). The little one and I retrieved three puppies and a mama labby from Wescott Animal Rescue to take them the rest of their way to their new foster home, Luck Farms, for Wild Heir Labrador Rescue.

We got to Luck Farms to get the puppies and bigger labby lady settled in...

While we were there...Charlie worked to earn some service hours for Scouts. (Did I mention he earned his first class rank the other day for Scouts!) He shoveled and scooped! He helped with cedar shavings for the kennels!

I will have to admit, the child does know how to do his share of the work and he does it (most often) with little to no complaint.

After this, we walked the property and took pictures for the Rescue Facility we have been working with, Wild Heir Labrador Rescue. Luck Farms has recently added new concrete slabs for the kennels of these rescues. The kennels are being put up and look great! 

We also got to visit with the puppies and adult rescues we delivered there earlier last month...I am happy to report we did not even recognize the parent doggies....and the puppies are all fat and thriving. Out of the 8 pups, 6 survived. They are fat and snuggly and just downright cute. Denise of Luck Farms has done a great job with them. Millie, the mama dog from the February Rescue, was filling out nicely. I did not recognize her as the sad, sullen, rail thin Mama doggy from a month ago. She has put on some weight. Her tail was waggedy all around and she ran and played and had some gusto. My, what a month of good eating, a warm bed, and some love will do for an animal.

  This was Millie a month ago. See how thin??

This is Millie now...more filled out and running about happily.

Charlie followed Denise out to the horse pastures. He quickly learned to watch where you step and that if you touch an electric fence - it can hurt!  He found a horseshoe laying loose in the field. This discovery prompted him forward to search the fields diligently for about an hour. He fed the horses treats and petted them.

These are rescue horses as well. He was in Heaven for the day...just in case you have not figured this out yet.
While we were there, he also came across a deer skull. He ended up coming home with 4 horseshoes and the skull.

All in all, it was a pretty productive day!

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