Sunday, March 18, 2012

Horses and Chickens. . .

I am watching Cold Case tonight and it is a tale of a murder/disappearance of a white child who was best friends with a black child. The story unfolds of how it was the friendship of the innocent children that led to the death and/or disappearance of the white child...

A young teen boy in the story tells the two little girls they should not be friends because they cannot play together. The teen uses an analogy of horses and chickens don't play together.

My immediate thought, is that the horses and chickens might not play together...but, everyone lives in the same barnyard and all get along just fine. It just seemed like a good learning point. The world belongs to all of us and we all live in the same yard!


  1. Or, maybe think that horses and chickens are two different species but you'll see black and white horses playing together or black and white chickens, too.

  2. good point, kory...i do not think color matters...people need to grow up... the heart and morality matter.