Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recycling Onions

I had a friend at produce co-op ask me the other day how we recycle onions for regrow, so I decided to post this. In another note, I also reuse the skins and onion waste to keep with things like potato skins and the like when I make bone broth. Back to recycling/reusing onions...

When cutting up onion, save the bottom inch or so. Place in a shallow dish with water and wait for the roots to grow.
 These have been in water for a few weeks now and have started to sprout, so it was definitely time to plant them.

 You plant the onion start like you would any other plant start and leave the new leaves exposed.

 This is one planted previously by the garden wall.

 There is one onion in the foreground here and three more in the background. One of them is very small.

 And, three more planted before along the garden wall.

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