Thursday, March 20, 2014

Making Clove Oil - How to...

I made clove oil last week. We have used it this week for topical pain application. It was effective and it worked well. I wish I had known of the uses of oils AGES ago!!

Some of the pictures are sideways, but you will get the general gist of what to do. :)

 Crush fresh cloves.

 Use a coffee strainer and a string.

 Place crushed cloves in the coffee strainer.

 Tie up with string.  I did trim the excess of mine off.

 Use EVOO - does no have to be this brand. :)

 Place oil in jar and submerge clove sachet. It does want to float. I used a wooden spoon handle to push it in a bit. This is a jelly jar.

 Place a small square of tin foil over the top of the jar.

 Shape the foil concave to the jar lip.

 I firmed it up to the lip for better sealing and trimmed excess foil away. This will allow any oil steam to not escape, but to stay in the jar. It keeps all the goodies where you want them.

 Set up a double boiler situation. I do not have a double boiler, so I improvised this way. It works.

 Boil water for approximately 40-45 minutes. Take the oil and let it cool after 40 minutes or so. Then, lid the jar.

 You can use the oil right away, but it gets stronger by letting it sit a bit. You can remove the sachet after a week or so.

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