Friday, October 4, 2013

I Want My Content Removed From FeedSpot

by Analisa

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First, all writings and pictures of my blog are Copyright Reserved ©2013 under Section 102 of the Copyright Act. Text and pictures (unless credited to another source) are protected works. Use of works without expressed written consent from me, as the blog owner/writer ,is not allowed and constitutes infringement.

Second, it still seems to me that FeedSpot if stealing my content. Personally, I am not concerned if my information is blocked from FeedSpot's feed. The other day I was notified that my blog content - all of it, is being pulled to a social media RSS aggregator. My main issue with all of this is that on FeedSpot my name does not link to my profile, my blog title does not link to my blog, all pictures do not link back, users cannot see comments or make comments, etc., etc., etc...

Since I made my initial post about this two days ago, 3 other bloggers have commented that the same issue is happening to them. They have also requested their content pulled or complained.
Through us publishing our letter content replies from the owner and founder of FeedSpot, it is now been shown that the founder uses form letter replies to letters of complaint.

So, now the next step is identifying how to block the feed ip address and the webhost server ip address in CA so my blog feeds cannot be pulled.


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  2. I did block them - my feed has not gone through in about two days. I posted how to block your feed on a post yesterday - just scroll up - easy peasy :0)

  3. what about past posts is there a way to block those?

    My daughter found this online. Hopefully this will help

  5. my new update is the blog content was reposted three days after he removed it...I was not be misled as I was.

  6. Hi Analisa, this same thing just happened to me. I'd really like to control who can see my blog posts to only my inner circle of friends whom I desire to share these thoughts with. I gather from reading your posts and other information that the only things we can really do is turn off our RSS feeds (so that it is inaccessible) and restrict readers to only those whom we give invitations to? Does that about sum it up?

    1. Mike, That is correct. The only thing I have found to be successful is to turn off the RSS feed completely. I have looked into ways to block certain IPs from your blog access. This can be done through an external source. Although, since FeedSpot is pulling my RSS feed from FeedBurner, it is useless right now. I have not found a way to stop them from pulling from FeedBurner without stopping the RSS. FeedBurner has no means of blocking IPs from access that I can found. I have also looked into moving my feed from FeedBurner, which you can do, and there are outside services that can host the feed for like $30/year. To me that might be worth the investment to not have to deal with FeedSpot. At this time, I am still investigating.

  7. Furthermore, FeedSpot is violating google's trademark by implying in their solicitation letter that the source is "Google Operating System." I was flabbergasted that FeedSpot, which I had not properly identified, immediately grabbed my entire contact list and spammed them as well.