Thursday, October 24, 2013

FeedSpot said they deleted my blog - they did not.

This is my edited post for today:
Anuj, of FeedSpot, emailed me to tell that he has deleted my blog from FeedSpot. I went and looked yesterday and indeed it was not there. I wondered when I wrote the post below yesterday if it would reappear. When I went and checked today, it had (reappeared). The FeedSpot link says it is deleted, but it is not. It may be in faint gray font, but the last blog post is still there. Look closely, you can see it...right there behind the big pale yellow block. So, there is my NOT DELETED blog entry, behind the block that says it is deleted...but it is not. What this also indicates to me, is that the ability to block my blog feed is available and can be done...and was done for a temporary measure only.

Anuj had stated one thing in email correspondence to me, although this is not what occurred.

I began this blog for my own enjoyment and am saddened now that it has become something that I feel someone is trying to take away from me. I began this blog to discuss homeschooling and homesteading adventures with my child, to note the joys of homeschooling, being a wife, being a Christian, and being a mom. I began this blog to share with others. I began this blog to discuss and review curricula options for homeschoolers who homeschool children with LD and Aspergers. Over the course of three years, this blog has grown into something more. It is personal and it is my thoughts and words. They were put here to share with others, not to be taken without permission, particularly when I have asked repeatedly for them to not be taken as such...then, misled and threatened with legal action.

So, there. That is it in a nutshell. I have been misled and something I enjoyed is now not so enjoyable.

This was my original post below:
I am still suspicious of this company and I wonder if my blog will show up elsewhere in their feed and I honestly feel this is a saga.

It took five formal requests in writing to remove my blog, but the feed does appear gone. I did turn off my RSS feed for awhile on this blog. It did make my blog disappear for a few days from FeedSpot. When I turned it back on, it reappeared in hours. This showed me that it was removed due to my efforts and not by the promise of Anuj to do so.

After two more requests, my blog was removed. Anuj asked me to remove one of my posts about FeedSpot. He wrote it was affecting his company negatively. This morning he has threatened me with legal action if the post is not removed.

For the record, I wrote my opinion of the company and how they were taking my content. I wonder if others who are removing their posts of like content are being threatened with a lawsuit as well? So, I am formally removing my post, not on account of Anuj's request, but on my husband's request...because I honor his opinion in my marriage.

FYI - I did keep documentation of all emails and my blog posts.

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  1. I also am having this problem. I blocked my blog feed. And I have no problem leaving it permanently blocked. Will this solve the problem, or do I need to email this guy and get him to remove my blog? Any help is greatly appreciated! I don't want pictures of my sweet baby on their illegitimate site.