Sunday, November 4, 2012

Regrowing Romaine

I have seen nice pictures of people using romaine stumps to regrow romaine lettuce on pinterest. I wanted to try it. I think I cut the stalk down too much. You are supposed to be able to put the stump in a shallow amount of water and watch it grow...

Placed the stump in the water.

This is week 1 or after 6 days...There are some small green sprouts appearing. I am having to refresh the water often. I think I picked a bad time to start this, because we are leaving today to go out of town for a week.
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10/27/12 - about two weeks now...water was changed once while we were gone...returned today and had to cut away some rotten romaine on the side of the stump. So this attempt may flop altogether and I may have to start again. The lettuce stump looks very greenish...not so sickly green, but veggie green (to me). There are some new little shoots of green that have appeared...
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10/30/2012... I have trashed the romaine stump attempt #1. It was growing rotten again and was past a point of return.
I have started a second attempt that is about 3 days old now and looks like it is doing much better than the first. It had more stump left to it. Maybe it will do better...
11/04/2012...The are the other stumps started. One is about 1.5 weeks old. One is 1 week old. One if from yesterday and one is from today. The older two appear to be sprouting. I am skeptical, but we will see.

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