Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daily Accomplishments

Today I was able to get one of the hallways taped off and most of the bottom perimeter painted. I had to spackle about four spots I think. I stopped to let the spackle dry, so it could be sanded tomorrow.
The rest of the pineapple plants we repotted yesterday were brought in today. These three will have their winter home atop the piano.
We do not celebrate Halloween. Although, on Pinterest, I saw a cute idea about placing potting soil in the shelled out pumpkin and leaving some seeds behind. The plants/vines are supposed to generate on their own. I watched the little girl from next door today and she helped me feed the pumpkin guts to the chickens. We placed the soil in the pumpkin and left it on the porch steps to see what it would do.
I also was able to repot one of the aloe plants today. It has been regenerating on its own and needed to be divided out and repotted. The larger aloe was placed on the piano with the pineapples. The smaller aloe was left in the original pot.
I also made two crocheted kitchen rags for my mother for Christmas tonight. This was something she requested. So simple!!

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