Sunday, July 3, 2016

Love Dove - Part II

My husband has spent the better part of the other day and today working on adding chicken wire to a chicken tractor for us to move Love Dove to within a day or so with her adopted eggs before they hatch...I wanted the babies to have a safe place to walk around in without the other hens being able to harm them.
  Love Dove before the relocation...

Well, tonight my cousin called that we got the eggs for Love Dove from and left a message that her eggs were hatching. So, I went into operation to get Love Dove moved tonight. The only safe place to put her and the eggs was in the old chicken hutch which we can lock for safety against other critters. I grabbed up an old coconut fiber plant shell and placed mail shreds in it for nesting material. She was not happy when I disturbed her...

It was a good thing to move them tonight...two of the eggs are pipped. 

I moved the eggs to the bottom of the chicken hutch. It has an upstairs of sorts with two nesting boxes. I thought it might be easier when the eggs hatched if the chicks didn't have to fall to the ground, but could kind of climb out of the nest to walk around. I am not sure Love Dove agreed with me. I do not think she realized her eggs and nest were on the ground. 

I thought she would figure it out. I thought wrong. She cackled for about an hour. I thought I would leave her alone and allow her to settle down about being moved and she would figure it all out. She did not. 

She did quiet down after about an hour. I went back outside to check on her. The eggs were alone on the bottom of the hutch and she was upstairs. I moved the eggs to the top portion and put her back on the eggs. She fussed when I moved her, but seemed to quiet down when she realized she was back with her eggs. I hope I did not make a misjudgment when I moved her and the eggs, but the nest she was in was quite high and last year we had chicks killed by other hens. I will check them in the morning...but, I hope everything works okay...

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