Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year in Review...

We have truly been too sick to move much in this household in almost a week. So, about all we can do is sit, sleep, and wait for the virus to pass its way through. The computer is a pass time we have welcomed.

Laying around sick gives you a lot of time to think...too much...I have thought about the names I have been called in the past few months and how people really have no clue about things. I also think about all the good things the Lord has brought into our lives.

2011 - in review:
  • My new names I have been called in recent months - to start this off with a giggle are: Earth Lover, tree-hugger, hibby, environmentalist, and others. I would have never associated those monikers to myself, but, oh well!
  • My youngest child was removed from public school and started being homeschooled. He has finished the 7th grade in less than 6 months.
  • My child's anxiety attacks have lessened.
  • My child's therapy sessions have lessened as his sessions have helped to improve his skills and abilities.
  • We have chickens and fresh eggs.
  • Chickens are not exceptionally the brightest animals, but they are great pets. They are fun to watch and they eat everything.
  • We have a compost. :)
  • We are growing our own vegetables and have joined the vegetable co-op.
  • We make our own butter, mayonnaise, and cheese (cheese, when I have time).
  • I buy almost nothing for this family anymore, unless it can be composted, recycled, reused, or fed to a chicken!
  • Famous words in the house (coming from my mouth): "That's not garbage' that's recyclable!"
  • Sweeping and cleaning and wiping down everything in sight remains a must item for me...all the time.
  • We starting preserving food this year and canning. We have made homemade butters, jellies, preserves, etc.
  • Homeschooling is the best thing I could have ever done for my youngest child and I wish I had known this when my oldest was still here to make the investment of homeschooling with him.
  • My oldest has received a promotion at his job and is now an assistant manager of some sort. (I can never remember the level of assistant he is at now.)
  • The eldest is doing well living as a young, independent adult and has no clue how proud I am of him. Though, he could call or visit much more often!
  • The Lord has revealed more gifts than I knew could be bestowed upon us...and more blessings and more graces.
  • New friends have been made. Old friends have been remembered.
  • The sacrifices made by family members long past have come full circle as the price they paid for my life has been realized. Their memories will be honored in the lives we live.
  • Demons of the past and present have been revealed and cast out...to harm our family no more. Thank you, Lord Jesus!
  • I have realized I have a passion for genealogical studies - of my and my spouse's families and Biblical lines.
  • I have realized just how sensory needing my youngest child actually is. It is amazing how you do not see these things when you are with them less.
  • I love talking with my youngest child. I learn as much with him and from him, as I can teach him. Nothing can compare to homeschooling. I love this.
  • I have realized that for as much as I missed home while I lived in Florida, I miss Florida more. We will be moving back. I do not know when. This is in the Lord's hands and I leave this to Him alone.
  • I have made new intercessor friends this year. What a blessing they are to my life and what a help in the times of warfare need.
  • No matter where I am, I am never alone, for the Lord is always within me and the Spirit walks by my side.
  • We have the best therapy dog ever!
  • The Lord knows what he is doing when He chooses your spouse. :)

Picture Reflections:
My child helped to wrap CHRISTmas presents this year!

These are what we refer to in this house as Aspie-isms. Arrangements the child makes when we do not notice and turn around and there it is.

There are others...too many to show. :)

Yeshua was good to us this year. Blessings and bounties will flow in 2012.

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