Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Puppy Rescue Transport...

This morning:
Today will be our first day venturing out into the world after being out of commission for the past week. We were called yesterday to help with puppy transport from one temporary foster location to the next temporary foster location for a labrador rescue facility located downstate. The child is excited about this. I hope he does not get sick in the car.  :/

Later in the day:
I did not have to worry about the child getting carsick...I got carsick. :(
We picked up the puppy. She was so cute. My youngest held her and petted her all the way to her next stop. We really did not want to turn her over to the next stop...such a sweet, furry, little girl.

I hope this girl is in her new foster bed tonight...warm and not scared.

We are nearing the end of a week of bland dieting due to the virus that swept through the household. Trying to ease our stomachs back into the world of solid foods (as they are still a bit queasy), we are sticking to mostly bland foods and adding a bit of flavor as we go.

Dinner tonight was turkey, broiled potatoes, corn, and skillet pears. I started making homemade potato bread, too...but, it is going to take about two hours to rise and therefore will not be eaten with dinner. :)

Good night, rescue puppy! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

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