Saturday, August 15, 2015

Homemade Grape Jelly

My chickens have been going after the grapes in the afternoons, yesterday I shooed them away to pick the grapes. I left about 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount still on the vine to pick later.

I soaked the grapes to wash them. Then, they were rinsed and washed a second time.

The grapes were placed in a large pot and I added about two or three cups of water. They were set to boil. 

They were stirred enough to break the skins and agitate the pulp. After coming to a rapid boil, I let them slow cook just about a simmer for a few hours.

The mixture was drained and the pulp mix set to the side to give to the chickens later on for a treat.

The juice still had some of the pulp and seeds in it, so it was strained again through double linen.

The juice was set to boil about 1.5 cups of sugar. I did not add pectin. I do not plan to can this, as it will probably be eaten within the week. 

The drip test off the wooden spoon after about 20 minutes or so indicated it was setting properly.  

And, the final item...the finished jar of grape jelly!!  Super yummy!

And a light snack! It is hard to see it due to the light, but the toast has a light spread of grape jam!

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