Sunday, September 7, 2014

Becoming Unplugged...

In less than 13 family will become more unplugged.
I cancelled our satellite subscription. My husband's first response was had I already called the cable company. The answer is, "No!"  And, I am not really sure I am in a hurry to do so.

We will still have the internet obviously, as I work mainly online by teaching courses online and consulting online. television. I am not sure this will bother me so much. My child thinks it will. We will soon see.

I am thinking of game nights with my family again. We have not had one of those in about two years now. I am thinking of family movie nights. I am thinking of not having nonsense noise on in the background nonstop.

I am kind of excited to have no television. Does that sound weird? I am thinking of not watching bad news. I am thinking of not hearing advertisements of junk we do not need. I am thinking of thinking. I am thinking about reading. I am thinking about quiet. And, this makes me excited.

We will see...less than 13 hours and counting...  :)

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